Saturday, The Firerama Dancehall Reggae Jam Lights Up Taipei

This Saturday, July 8th at The Wall…

The O-Brothaz Sound System presents…The Firerama World Cup Jam.

In celebration of the World Cup and in preparation for the final game, the O-Brothaz Sound System is going to blaze up Taipei with a carnival of the latest Reggae, Dancehall, Zouk, Soca, Calypso.

Come an join the World Cup vibes and party all night. There will two bars open, and we will open up the entire venue. Then at 3 am the 3rd and 4th place game will show. We are going to heat up the vibes like Germany. Paint your face, wear your jersey or don’t wear it, bring a football, your yellow cards, drums, flags and get ready for the World Cup Jam.

Also we will be shooting the first Dancehall video done in Taiwan during the event. Dancehall Queens and Kings will be in the dance showcasing the latest in dancehall dances.

B1, Roosevelt Rd, Section 4, Taipei. Intersection of Roosevelt and Jeelong Rd next to the movie theater.

$300+1 free drink. Doors open at 11pm
You know this one is going to be hot again!!



O-Brothaz Sound System


Erm… what about the most important aspect – the number and size of the TV screens? Carnegie’s has a 20-footer.

Carnegies also has “Mambo Number 5,” “Tubthumping,” and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” every five minutes…this is true dancehall from the O Brothers. And who wants to come in third anyway???

Whatever dude. What about the TVs at the Wall? It is football we’re talking about, after all! And Carnage deosn’t play music during the games. Surely you’re not planning to have no commentary during the matches?

The dance/football combo thing is just strange, Carnegies has a huge screen but they had no sound for the 11 o’clock games, then for the 3 o’clock games they would stop the music and put on the game which confused all the dancers.
Is there just one dance hall or a seperate area to watch game ?

Please help me out here, I don’t understand.

Please help me out here, I don’t understand.[/quote]

Dancehall is a style of reggae . Click on the google emoticon for a video example of it. :slight_smile:

So its a disco. And this is supposed to be going on while people are trying to watch the football?

All right. It’s kinda like the best of both worlds. Inside the Wall is where the O Brothers will be playing their mad dancehall, making everyone sweat. Outside is kinda like a mezzanine (sp? its too late) with a bunch of shops, couches, and tattoo parlors. this is where the game will be played on a big screen. so those who want to rock down to dancehall can be inside, and those who want to watch footbal can be outside. third place still sucks