Saudi women now allowed to live independently without permission

Hooray! Saudi Arabia has made it into the 20th Century!


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Now watch them jail people who celebrate the liberalisation.

It is what they did on driving licenses. Allowed them to drive and arrested and tortured the female activists.

People celebrating this are fools if they think it means significant reform.

Bread and circuses to placate the younger demographics.

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I sure hope you arent saying the Saudi government officials and royal elite are still cruel pieces of shit…heavens me, how could you?

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figuratively, is has been this way for years (no taxes & subsidized everything =bread)

recently, literal circuses

plus beyonce and WWE

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Rules for thee, not for me.

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Where is the tribute to Khashoggi?

I think that was this one:

Independent living indeed
Princess Basmah: Family Say Riyadh Stonewalling, US Must Intervene (

This just in: People are not just greedy, they are hypocrites.

Honestly, great kadoos for the women, however, I still have zero desire to ever visit that country.
I’d rather visit Iran first, which has an historical 1000s-year old culture.

In law, but I doubt it works in practice.

Probably take more than a few years to become accepted.

First the pandemic and now this? Is it the end of days?

To be fair, they have start somewhere. Seatbelts and merging werent often accepted in the beginning either, but over time it was. Maybe not the best examples for taiwan.