Saveurs! is a small and casual restaurant seating about 25 inside and two tables outside for smokers. A very relaxed, unpretentious, and comfortable place serving French cuisine. Staff are attentive and friendly.

Set meals are $550, $850, and $1,250 and a la carte items range from $2** to $600 or $700.

We opted for the $1,250 per person set meal. It comes with bread, soup, appetizers, main course, dessert and beverage.

The asparagus soup was fine but scalding hot. Too hot.

The appetizers (2 courses) for this set are fois gras and sole with orange sauce. The fois gras was very good but they outdid themselves with the sole.

Two perfectly cooked sole filets topped with fresh orange bits and saffron and with a light orange sauce over the top and around the plate. Excellent!

We also ordered an escargot appetizer. Standard cooked in olive oil, but what made a difference is it is topped with a parsley/garlic pur

“The asparagus soup was fine but scalding hot. Too hot.”

So, blow on it. How’d it taste?
I really like asparsgus soup. Especially crab & asparagus soup -
Soup mang cua (Viet Namese) Mmmmmmmm…

Good review. From this review it sounds like a nice house.

My wife was there last weekend to do a spot of “vetting” of “someone” there on behalf of her best friend. :wink:
She didn’t have a meal but she RAVED about the creme brulee.

Its the best restaurant I’ve eaten at in Taiwan.