Say what you will about the PIs


They do keep the Colonel on his (metaphysical) toes…

This looks like it falls somewhere between the execrable Chizza, which was just crap, and the game changing Double Down Dog, which was like something dreamed up by a committee of 15 high AF City Road Maintenance dudes.

I’m not sure about the chicken they’re using for the “shell” though. It looks pretty processed, compared to the other ones


If you can do that with a Taiwanese style gi pai, it would be out of this world delicious. :howyoudoin:

Keto friendly meal.

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Not with all that breading it ain’t


I’d rather have a proper tortilla wrapped around fried chicken.


Where has this been all my life?

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That spaghetti and drumstick :rofl:

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Just 30 seconds ago my life was complete. Thank you for destroying that illusion, @Rocket .

Where can I find this McJizzwich?


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God, I feel greasy just looking at it. :open_mouth:


Please let me know when you find out. That looks like it would go really well with a few beers.


They’re gone, they were a limited time deal, and only in Nillers anyways.
Sorry to harsh your salivary buzz.



How do you get the jizz all over the sausage? Surely it’s going to go upwards. Possibly into the coleslaw.


That has frosty Moosehead written all over it


That’s the Masterstroke

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Frosty Moosehead?

That prick still owes me 20 bucks for gas.

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The missus used to say that at first


Seek medical attention immediately if your jizz has a greasy consistency.


Joking aside, prostate cancer is a killer. Way higher than many other more publicised cancers.

It’s very important to ejaculate regularly. At least once a day.


can we just get this totally normal zinger tower burger in taiwan kfcs please, then i would have something on the menu i can buy.


Is that what you tell your wife? Smart.

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I would expect any partner to assist in their loved one’s health.

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