School Closure/Open information (new semester from Sep. 1)

I guess if they want the schools to be referendum voting stations then it appears that the govt. are planning to have some restrictions loosened by then, since there’ll be masses of people moving through those places.

Irrelevant. CECC obviously sees it. Aside from the small bump today, the cases have been quickly trending down the last couple weeks. Not out of the question for life to be back to semi-normal by early August if things continue in this direction. Obviously things could get worse too, but I think it’s more likely things continue to improve.


The referendum plans have long been in place, and they’re not going to change them yet, because it’s too early to bother. We can’t read this announcement as anything about regulations the government is planning to loosen.

I see.

I hope things get better. I want to be out and about like the olden days. I want things to be better but there realistically is no way to eliminate this virus.

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Any timeline this far out I take with a grain of salt. They changed their mind about the case threshold to take us to Level 4. They postponed the self paid vaccine program. I mention these points not to open a discussion on the merits of these decisions, but rather that they do seem to be playing everything week by week. Anything outside of that is anyone’s guess. The above was probably just throwing out an answer to give a journalist something to print.


And of course these school bodies have no say over what the CDC mandates.

Sorry if it’s been answered-I can’t see it- any info on what happens to Grade 12 students who were going to take the College Entrance Exam at the end of June?

Iiuc, it was postponed to July 3~5, then now scheduled on July 28 ~ 30. It is announced on Chinese site of College Entrance Examination Center. I would ask to school or call them, if I could not read Chinese.



Taipei’s plan


Any updates on Taoyuan? 🥲

so this only applies if level 3 continues? The last line of the first graphic


Thanks for that @tando.

I’m curious about the sports fields. I wonder how they’re going to do QR contact registration at sports fields, or limit to 75% capacity - do those even have a capacity?

Conjecture: most won’t reopen anyway, because the schools aren’t going to want to post someone doing the registration or whatever other bureaucracy is required.


Taking advantage of the summer vacation, each school will conduct a trial run first. Therefore, the “Guidelines for the Handling of Summer Vacation Learning Activities for Elementary School Students in Beishi” will be announced in today’s meeting. Summer vacation learning activities for elementary school students in Beishi City will resume on August 9, 110. The scope of application includes after-school care service classes, art classes, learning aids and extracurricular clubs.

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Looks like it. Hopefully we can stay at level 2.

Where did you get this text from? Thanks

Taipei city government site + Google translate


Thanks. I’ll look for the link. Does the rule about classrooms with windows that open still apply?