School Closure/Open information (new semester from Sep. 1)

The post is about Taoyuan

Which areas are schools open and which areas are schools closed? I am looking for an official list, particularly private schools (official list not byhear say…)… Kids should be able to switch schools of the pandemic goes on in Taipei right ? Like Taipei to Keelung etc? If this goes on in Taipei for say 3 months parents could technically just move their kids to say Taoyuen or wherever is not under lock.down? Especially for summer camp.

Pretty sure they’re going to make that challenging. Remember early on in Italy, France, etc., where folk fled the cities and then overwhelmed the whole country? Pretty sure Kaohsiung camps aren’t going to be welcoming Taipei kids with open arms, and same would go for schools.


Yeah, I think lockdown is ok for maybe one month , but if we are talking say 6 months that has to be very detrimental to kids, rather than going to say Keelung ? I guess we will be waiting for 10, 000, 000 vaccines :neutral_face:


The most ”official” ones I could find are news articles. They may be correcting information from Department of Education of each local government or like that.

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I didn’t mean to be too dismissive. Obviously we’re all trying to figure this out in real time. It does seem like it is a terrible idea to let people move between schools easily now. In the States, private schools were somewhat allowed to set their own rules, but I don’t see that happening here.

This is an interesting one because Taiwan is usually more cautious than the US and so I don’t know what will happen. I think the best case is probably going to be a level 2-3 where kids can go out on walks/hikes, possibly have something like pods/etc. I think the worst case is full on shelter until we get numbers down or more vaccines are available.


I thought all schools under high school is closed and is going online. There are reports that the system is experiencing traffic jam for this reason.

It’s all schools in Taipei and New Taipei. And, self online learning are huge mess, as you guess.

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The schools in Taoyuen are likely still open then.

There criterion seems to be 20% absent rate.


paging @the_bear for title edition

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Here is the government’s announcement:

Our child’s kindergarten in Nantou is closed. :weary:


Are there even any cases down there?

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0 cases | 3019 vaccinated

No. Closest cases to us are in Taichung.
But it just takes one person to visit a relative and boom!

At work they say I can take unpaid leave or use regular paid holidays!

Their announcement in Mandarin

Student got covid


And how many holiday days is that ? I guess not over a few days

Thanks. That is the clearest answer.


Do you still have to turn up at school if your school is without students? Do you have to teach online?