School Closure/Open information (new semester from Sep. 1)

in 全國各級學校因應疫情停課居家線上學習, they say

(三) 學校教職員工以到校為原則,但學校仍可評估網路頻寬及設備等資源情形,安排教師到校或居家線上教學之人數配置,可採同步、非同步或混成線上教學方式,並善用各項數位學習工具及影片等資源。其中教師居家線上教學者,應以下列情形為優先考量:
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Basically the government has said employers can send their employees home on unpaid leave or try to get them working online.
Up the workers party ! LOL
Therefore I would guess in most schools teachers are sent home without pay, probably some asked to do online under paid work and maybe a few of the managers still get paid…
Are there any teachers out there still getting paid and which schools ? Those schools should be put on a green list of good schools. Anywhere ?

If you are a public school teacher you should still be getting paid. Same if you are salary and at a cram school. If you’re hourly then probably not unless you’re doing online classes.

We were told to come to school. I was asked to record a 30 minute lesson for students. Tomorrow day nearly as usual, without students.

That is incorrect about private schools, the government went out of its way to say cram schools have no.obligation to pay their teachers salaried or not. Again I would like to know which private schools and cram are paying , does anyone know?

Every time it is the same bullshit with government policies! They minimize the cost to economy but in the process screw over regular workers. Every time!

Forcing companies to allow work from home if it is possible?
NO! All voluntary. Of course many companies don’t do it!

Population in decline! Young people are struggling to start a family.
Reasons: long working hours, low pay, expensive housing

Government covid19 policy: Close all schools and kindergartens! No matter where!
Who is supposed to look after them when parents work?!

Paid leave is voluntary and I will eat my hat if any Taiwanese company will pay.

But wait !!! the government will probably give you another round of 2k vouchers. :sideeye:


According to our government kindergarten this policy is bullshit! They are closed! No service can and will be provided what so ever!

I am in a position where we can get by quite unaffected. I can theoretically work from home and we have family to look after the kids. But not everyone in Taiwan has this luxury.

Government should pay half salary max. 30k for one parent who stays home to look after young children (similar to sick leave, but covered by government).

Companies MUST allow working from home if it is possible.


This. It’s like they are training young workers to not have children.

From my limited research.

  • Family pressure
  • working hours
  • working conditions
  • salary / wages
  • lack of spaces to hang out that aren’t shopping or full of old people. (The nothing to do, I’m bored response)

There are three very low hanging fruit that are easy to pick. The worst of all is they would benefit the entire economy. You fix low wages and give people time to spend their money the economy will be lifted.

You give people good working conditions they will inspire to do more than have a PHD and work in 7/11 or Starbucks. Or worse work overseas.

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for old enough kids in NTC,

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Are there anyone working from home with low (1/2) graders?

How are you managing things?

Yup the DPP so called party of the workers will get an election.stomping.No one is going to forget this.That is why if people know of any schools that are still paying and intend to go on paying let us know, they deserve a good rep.
How about Shane ?
Kids Castle?
Which ones are paying all their staff or most of their staff?

My high-school-aged kid has eight hours of school just like normal. Teachers hold the classes from the school and the students log in Meet and watch them.

AFAIK only the ones teaching online are getting paid.

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Taiwan loving the effort outsider teachers make to their 2030 bilingual commitment.

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Yup really encouraging those teachers to stay lol
It is a great time for many western teachers to return home, get fully vaccinated then return after the lock down eases. If they wanted to return.

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Just… managing so far.

Daughter is G1 in a bilingual school and son is <2.

So the she has classes in English and Chinese according to her regular schedule in her room on the ipad, with class work and homework to be submitted. I’m teaching my classes on my phone with a laptop in our bedroom, and mom is with didi and keeping us all on track.

So just surviving at present and trying to find a routine to settle down into.

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same with us, and class work cannot be done without a parent supervision/support. I much prefer kids would have been given two week vacation at home.

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If it is over after two weeks, I will burn a truckload of ghost money.
I fear the school closure ending will be constantly pushed back for months on end.

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Don’t tell this.

I will take a leave tomorrow.

If that’s the case I suspect many English teachers at cram schools or private schools will have to leave as no pay. Oh dear.