School Closure/Open information (new semester from Sep. 1)

maybe, though it is not clearly said yet.

If I read it correctly, it’s for children under 3yo, so not a student yet.

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They will publish details on June 15.


Is anyone else doing phone calls? Holy hell idk what’s worse helicopter parents or when I had to deal with coteachers. They’re setting their kids up for failure. Then have the nerve to call and whine I didn’t talk for 20 minutes.

Yes. One of my parents said that I need to let the children talk more. So I made an activity where they talk more.

Then the same parent said that the children need to do more book work. Ok. Done.

Then then complained that the children sit down too much. Fixed.

Then they complained that the children where running in the house. Fixed.

What do they want? Attention. They get it. The problems are the schools grovel to the parents and the parents take advantage of the power dynamic.

This online teaching has been a terrific insight into human behavior. The worst behaviors kids have the worst parents. The most active kids have active parents. Spoiled kids have lazy parents.

Well behaved kids have amazing parents. Who deserve the world.


Ignore it. You cannot please all the people all the time. One of the best strategies in Taiwan is to say “ok ok Hau la Hau la” and then just keep on doing what you were doing.
Anyway what would I know about Taiwan :grinning:


All of this but, from my wife’s perspective. She’s spent the last 2 days from sun up to sun down coordinating classes, making PPT and recording her own vocabulary. She got a call an hour ago because one of the parents wants her to do the whole thing over because the parent thinks it all sounds too easy. The kids are grade one. FFS.


Keep.asking that kid questions that she cannot answer from the PPT. :joy:
Oh no do not do that it is cruel.:smiley:

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I feel for cram school teachers especially Taiwanese cram school teachers. Luckily, I have my own private students who’re older and happy to watch a YouTube video that we can spend time discussing and then shoot the shit for an hour. I can’t imagine getting little YoYo to sit still long enough so he can repeat “Sally opened the door”.


What is the criteria for the age?

According to Google Translator,
>For children below elementary school and students with disabilities in the first three years of junior high school, high school, and fifth junior college, a subsidy of 10,000 yuan per child will be provided to reduce the burden of care for parents during the child’s home epidemic prevention period.

That should be 5~6yo, unless your child has disabilities.

It includes elementary school children, as @tando said, so 12 years old children, unless your child has disabilities

elementary school kids and younger

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I stand corrected.

the lower limit is


From they way i read it i thought before elementary.
Thanks for clarifying.

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However, it seems there will be different ways to apply, if the kid is 2yo or below, as there are different bureau responsible for the vouchers.

2yo and below:

Above 2yo:

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till 6/28 7/2


Does the article say schools are closed until summer vacation?

I only Googled translated the article so I just want to check that it was right.

Edit: Found the an English one.


expected, yeah? I don’t see how they can orchestrate/administer -online- tests. Are any of the public schools planning to bring them to school for testing - maybe over 5 days with half classes…?