School for 6 year - help for new arrival

My child will by 6 in November and we are looking for a school. He can converse well in chinese but I won’t consider him very fluent. We speak a mix of English (majority) and Chinese at home. We plan to only live in Taipei for 2 years.

  1. Any advice on Taiwan International Montessori (TIMES)?
  2. Would you recommend public school? I would like him to improve his Chinese but worried about the stress of homework.
  3. I don’t think I will arrive in Taiwan till August. Can I apply for school first? When does the term start? Is it possible to apply after the semester starts?
  4. Since he turns 6 in Nov, will him go to K or 1st grade?
  1. Montessori = no such thing as reasonably authentic Montessori in Taiwan, no matter what the people trying to sell the school to you try to say. You’re much better off sending your child to a public school, despite their faults.
  2. Public schools are half days except Tuesdays in grades 1 and 2. This means you can get your child a tutor to help with Chinese or do English versions of the lessons they didn’t understand that day or just let him play in the park all afternoon, every afternoon (except Tuesday :joy:). A lot of the homework they get at this age is total busywork and many foreign parents are not afraid of telling the teachers this.
  3. Someone else can answer this. (I have no idea)
  4. November birthday seems pretty late. If he turns 6 in November, he would almost certainly be in “大班”, which is K5/five year old kindergarten in the US. I would not recommend trying to get him into first grade if he’s not “very fluent” in Chinese yet AND would be a year younger than his classmates. Regarding question 3, if you want him in a public kindy, that might be a bit of a challenge. Lots of discussions on here about that struggle.

He will still be in kindergarten next year so very little hwk in public kindergarten.

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Not sure if you are here yet, but I believe the deadline for applying to public kindergarten next school year is tomorrow.

The chances of getting into a public kindergarten is extremely low anyway, I don’t think it would make much difference if you missed the deadline for application.

If the guardians have to work in the day, then I think it’s much more important to find a kindergarten that’s close by to home or work, so you can pick the kid up on time. So as long as it doesn’t force the kids to sit through too many actual classes, most kindies would be fine.

Usually parents have to worry about their kids getting into a private kindy as well, but since plenty of kids that age graduate to elementary schools, there will probably be room for a 6-year-old in August.

So application for Lindy for 2024 is over? It was last year?

Any recommendation for private K since I won’t be able to get into public?

What area in Taipei are you considering to stay at?

I don’t live in Taipei, so at most I can only see which places people recommend online.

Lots of recommendation for this place for example. Although it’s an all English kindy, which probably isn’t necessary for your kid.

School Year, so applications for the school year starting in September close tomorrow.

Yes. In elementary school it is fine… ish.

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