School Invalidates an Open Work Permit

I just ended a long interview process with a large Catholic Shcool, Yu Ren in Taichung. I asked to see the contract and they balked, said it is a trade secret. I showed them my Open Work Permit and was told it was worthless. If I wanted to work there I must have an ARC/Work Permit sponsored by the school.
The school administrator stated that the MOE will cancel my APRC and Open Work Permit in order for me to get my school sponsored ARC.
Does the MOE have the authority to cancel an APRC and Open Work Permit?

I’m sure they do. But don’t do it. They’re not required by law to hold your ARC, they’d just like to do it because they would maintain fuller control over you. Don’t fall for their trap!

If I’m not mistaken, the situation is that the school still needs you to be qualified to teach (i.e., have a letter from the MOE giving permission to hire you), but they do not have to issue you with an ARC any more than they would have to issue an ARC for a Taiwanese national applying for the job. They are out of line on this one, but it may be more ignorance of the situation than anything else. They may not have encountered this before.

You might get something in writing in Chinese from the folks who issue the APRCs and open work permits to soothe their fears?? Just an idea. I’m not sure what’s available.

personally, i get kinda worried when someone tells me that they won’t let me see a contract … or am i reading the OP’s post wrong?

Good point. Since you have to sign the contract for them to get an ARC (even if that is what should happen), you certainly have the right to read it. Are you sure this is a Catholic school? You might want to mention the whole “thou shalt not lie” thing – or bring it around to “thou shalt not bullshit potential teachers”… :smiley:

don’t walk, run. it’s all bullshit. i must have missed that part in my cathecism. not in medieval history class though. as maoman notes they just want the control over you. and they won’t show you the contract? how are you supposed to sign it :slight_smile: really quickly, with your hands behind your back? :noway:

You went though a long interview process and you never once asked to see the contract along the way??? And…it’s a trade secret?

Either they have their adjectives mixed up or they are complete fools.

And about your open work permit; don’t use it as a threat or a weapon. The next time you have an interview and you get the job, don’t say a thing about your permit until you’ve been teaching for a while and they ask you for your passport so they can process your ARC, etc.

THEN tell them they need not bother. :laughing:

My advice, FWIW:

Yes, do get some documents to back up your side of the story, that it’s okay. And legal. Show them and then judge the reaction…

I would be VERY unwilling to give up a PARC in exchange for a regular ARC, if I were you. ESP. since it’s a lot of trouble getting one in the first place. Moreover, giving up a PARC, would that prejudice your application to get a new one? Any one know that?

If they insist on doing it their way, say ‘thank you’ politely. Smile, bu hao yisz, bu hao yisz. Tell them you have to think about it.

Leave, and do not return. This is not a place to work, it’s a place to be enslaved.

The fact that the contract is a trade secret is BS. And to me, it’s a HUGE red flag about working there.


Trade secret my arse… you are legally entitled to an original of the contract. Two sets of originals, one for them one for you.

Why would you ever think of changing from an open work permit?

You don’t need an ARC from the school, so don’t change your status.

You would be mad to even consider this. They won’t let you see the contract, and they want you to give up your permanent residency to work there? And you are considering it? Madness.