School signed a contract with me but didn't give me any hours

I technically do SAT and AP tutoring, but since it’s one one of those Cram-school type deals I’m posting here. I’ve been looking for some part-time work for the last few months. Last month, back in August I found something, and signed a contract offering 900 per hour.

The problem is they claimed at the time that the classes were just forming and so they didn’t have enough hours to give me. I’ve e-mailed back and forth with the person in charge (actually an Australian - not Taiwanese) and basically they refuse to give me any hours. I’ve never actually gone to work with them since signing the contract.

I told them that if they’re not going to give me hours, then I’m going to formally quit. But they say that if I quit, they will fine me 15k.

Do I have any recourse here since I signed the contract? Or should I just work elsewhere since it looks like they won’t give me hours anyhow.

Do they in some way have 15k of yours?

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Nope. But they threatened to take me to court if I quit early or if they find out I’m working somewhere else.

I recommend discussing the matter with your local labor department and/or a lawyer. The labor department can set up a mediation session, though it usually takes a few weeks if you want a proper mediator (one who works for the department).


The local labor department sounds like a good idea. I strongly suspect that mentioning to your boss you will consult with them will cause them to release you.


The Aussie guy you’re dealing with is probably reading all of this, so be aware of this next time you deal with him.

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Sounds the Aussie guy was probably trying to scam you all along.

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The Aussie guy you’re dealing with is probably reading all of this, so be aware of this next time you deal with him.

Oi mate!

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He hasn’t given any names of the people or cramschool involved, so old matey probably couldn’t put 2 and 2 together. And even if he did you still have plausible deniability (“forum… osa? What’s that? A Taiwanese energy drink?”)

This cramschool sounds shady af.

For 15k? They would easily spend twice as much on a lawyer (a cost that can’t be passed on to you), so they’re probably either stupid or bluffing, or both.

Does this contract state that you promise to be available during certain hours? Or that you promise to be available for whatever they throw at you? If neither of the above, you don’t even need to quit – just say you’ll wait for them to offer you work, and when they do, if you’re not available, that’s their problem. :2cents:


They could be trying to remove the competition. if so it’s a particularly nasty move . Why are there so many bad employers here…


An Australian who can read…

Damn, you funny, bro…


Just give this fellow the finger and tell him to get f**ked. He’ll understand…


Do you receive your ARC through their work permit? If so, aren’t they required to provide a certain number of hours.

Years back, I knew a company who operated in a similar manner (plus non-complete clauses and fines if they weren’t available something like 09:00-21:00). Leaving out a lot of details, a visit to the local labor department was fairly standard for people wanting to break their contract.

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Sounds like a guy I used to work for. I really doubt there’d be any repercussions from this, especially since you haven’t worked any hours. And how would they know if you worked for someone else?

After you quit please name the school in the blacklist of schools forum. We don’t need people like him in the country we have enough to deal with already without an Australian trying to cheat other foreigners.
The situation needs to be crushed.:thinking:


Agreed. It really sucks when expats try and rip off other expats.


Send Crusher around for a friendly chat :grin:.

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That might not look messy for the expat community but the Apple Daily would enjoy :smile: