Schools that are safe to sign contract with before arriving?

I am still living in the US but want to move to Taiwan for a career in teaching English. I have already applied to Kojen and Hess and I was wondering what other schools are safe to sign a contract with before arriving? What other established schools out there are safe? Can you provide the website where I can apply?

What other websites can I check out for more information on schools and teaching English in Taiwan in general? I already browse, david’s esl cafe, and forumosa. Thanks for the help and I hope to meet some of you in the future once I secure a 1 year contract. Thanks again everyone.

The best policy even if you come without a job and pick up work is to speak with former employees. Ask as many questions as you can about the pros and cons of the job, and then see if it is right for you.

Otherwise, it’s all luck. I first came to Taiwan having signed the contract abroad and school turned out to be perfect, had a nice apartment within walking distance of my job in a really great neighborhood and the pay and working conditions were generally not too bad. Then I left and came back to TW with no job, picked another one up and it was absolutely horrible. Another friend of mine first came to Taiwan having signed a contract from abroad and he got hooked up with a horrible gig. So I must stress-talk to former employees and if the employer won’t give you contact information for that, then obviously it’s probably not a good idea to be employed by them.

Is it ok in general / regular practice to ask a potential employer to talk with a former employee?