Schools that Pay for Quarantine

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been an English teacher in Asia for about eight years and I have lived in Taiwan on three separate occasions. I made the mistake of letting my last ARC expire in July of last year and now I am hoping to return to Taiwan, even with all of this covid mess, sometime this summer once my current school’s contract is finished here in the US. I know the process for the most part, which is getting the documents gathered, then authenticated, a covid test before my flight, and two weeks quarantine. The main reason as to why I am trying to return to Taiwan now is because I will get my substitute teaching license from Arizona in a few weeks, which will allow me to finally get a job in the public schools, which is something I have wanted for a long time. I am just wondering if public schools offer to pay for quarantine hotels or if they generally provide a place for the teacher to stay free of charge during their quarantine because thanks to covid, I’ve had to take a financial hit this past year. Perhaps if public schools do not offer to cover quarantine costs, I should just apply for a job at companies such as Hess or Arun, which do advertise that they cover quarantine costs and then switch to a public school the next year? Any thoughts or advice on the matter would be truly appreciated. Cheers everyone.

I don’t have any advice; I just wanted to say that Hess paying for quarantine costs sounds incredible. I wonder if it’s actually part of their getting started loan program :thinking: I didn’t readily find any information on their website.