Schools to avoid in Taiwan?

Hey everyone, I’m new in all this and currently searching jobs postings in Taiwan. After a lot of research and reading forums, I discovered a few schools that needs to be avoided (HESS,KOJEN and TeachME). The school where I got my teaching certificate offers free service to send out my application.

A recruiter named Bryan Wu ESLjobTaiwan reached out to me in less than a day and is already asking for more photos of myself, college diploma, transcripts, TESL and passport scans. I did research on this person and there’s forums talking bad about this person and how they got really bad experience (these forums posts are 3-4 years old).

My application has also been sent to Joy Language School and the work condition and pay aren’t the greatest.


  • What’s your opinions on the situation I’m going through?

  • Any schools I should avoid ?

  • I’m currently searching jobs on Dave ESL Cafe and Taiwan’s 1111 and 104 website. are All those jobs legit?

Hope getting some feedback from the community. Thanks again

My advice is listen to the people complaining about him. Shady recruiters who try to push bad schools on to unsuspecting and green newbies aren’t a dime a dozen. They’re a dime a hundred. My advice is wait for another offer.

Here is the sticky thread of blacklisted schools. I suggest you go through it and take note of the ones people complain about.

So you are a qualified teacher and registered to teach in public schools in your home country?

Also, that name “Bryan Wu” rings a bell. I think that guy is (in)famous for being a scumbag.

If this is true, skip the buxiban crap jobs and go straight to teaching at a public or private elementary school or higher.

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Jenny Lai is another one to watch out for.

Thanks I’ll keep that in mind!

I wonder if we went to the same school! I was also put in touch with Bryan Wu, I had no idea there were problems with him.

Also what is wrong with Hess, Kojen and TeachMe?

Those websites are good, but I think the best one for Taiwan is
This is where I found my job, and I’ve been working happily there for 5 years now.