SCHOOLS Which ones? HELP

Can anyone tell me aout ELSI, or Global Village Schools. I want to change schools in a few months and these 2 names came up. Anyone teaching at these places or maybe you have taught there??

ELSI is now called KoJen. Its a real hit and miss with them. Fortigurn is working for them now and loves it. But it really depends on which branch you get assigned to. I would warn you to stay away from School #4 in KungKuan. Unfortunately, the dragon-lady that runs that school also oversees a number of others and if you land in one of those, it’s just as if you are working for her.

Good things about KoJen…always paid on time. Ineffective but simple curriculum designed to shove bits of english into the heads of the non-interested students, so it is pretty easy to teach once you get the hang of it. For longterm employment however, I would advise looking elsewhere. I know a couple of guys that worked there for 6 and 9 years respectively and they maxed out their wage at $620/hour. Also, hours are inconsistent. Most teachers will be getting about 6-8 hours a week right now.

Global I know nothing about except they have a rep for paying very little. Between 300 and 400/hour I believe.

Best of luck.

300-400!!! :loco:

Another guy says 420!!!

Either way seems pretty low.

500+ seems doable! :sunglasses:

[quote=“Dangergyrl”]300-400!!! :loco:

Another guy says 420!!!

I did say “I believe…” :wink:

[quote]500+ seems doable[/quote]Go to the Tealit exchange rate calculater. You’ll notice there that wages average between $NT550-900 an hour. I believe that calculation is 2 years old. Even 550! My first gig almost 5 years ago at Sesame Street paid 550 and that was a chain. Kid Castle pays around 600- 700 from my experience at their interviews. Like Toe Save said though, each management pays what they belive is fair and reasonable, either way, for 550 an hour you’d be getting paid more back home wouldn’t you? Don’t be pushed around.

I’m not saying you are :loco:
Toesave. That payrate is.

500NT minimum could work for me if its 18-20hrs a week. Even though it is a little low.
Currently I’m at 600. Under 500 to me seems to be slave labor
for anyone teaching English…no matter how easy the job might be.

If the 2 schools I’m asking about pay that low I’ll look elsewhere.

I VERY seriously suggest that you do NOT work for GVO (Global Village). On the other hand, if you’re not a teacher or couldn’t care less about what you’re doing or how you are treated by your employer then go right ahead. PM me if you don’t believe me.

Working in a foreign environment can be difficult enough without having people who should be supporting you clubbing you over the head every step of the way. There’s a reason GVO are always looking for new teachers; because they’re always losing them.

GVO is a weak AZZ operation. The work is easy and somewhat mindless, talk… talk…and the students are nice people, BUT the pay rate is tooooooo low and usually you have to go to several places. When I was there I was making DEALS with them, otherwise I would have left sooner. Yeti is right, they always lose people. If they improved the operation it would be a better school(oh and the pay). Flashy looking on the outside, but not too good.
Look around.