Schwarzwald Restaurant

This is in Shi-Da, and wasn’t a bad meal. Prices were pretty reasonable, too. German beers were worth the trip. Sat down for a few sausages and mashed spuds. Serves a bit on the light side though. If you’re expecting about 4 or 5 bangas (snags), you’ll be pleasantly disappointed. Most serves only come with a couple.

How are their christmas cookies?

Service is terrible and the mashed potatoes come by the teaspoonful.

It’s not a bad joint if you’re fanging for a few sausages. Flip side, like Alley said, was that the service wasn’t the best, but it didn’t piss me off to feverpich levels by any means. Mashed spuds were in propotian to the meal size. When the menu read two snags, I wasn’t expecting it to come accompanied with a jug of mash. Menu, German and Chinese, so bring your wife.

I have found that if you order “ala carte” the servings are smaller, but if you order the pork knuckle, which is my husband’s all time favorite and you get the meal you will get a full plate of food… more than enough for two.

I think you will find more comments on Schwartzwald in the German Food in Taipei thread in this section…

Mr. He:

Thanks for reminding me. I realized they had Christmas cookies there when I went to buy bread in November and meant to go back in December and get some as their cake is usually very good and the cookies looked great.

I almost forgot about it. But then, somehow, feeling Christmassy hasn’t set in for me yet. :frowning: Still, getting Christmas cookies might evoke some.

I’ll tell you how they are, promise :wink:


the coffee is absolutely foul so don’t waste your money on that, but otherwise I quite like it.

still i could do the same at home for less, but it’s fun to eat out.


Iris was so kind to let me taste some of the cookies from Schwarzwald and they were good, in fact a few days later I happended to be around that area and dropped in for a meal (very good and I can confirm it’s authentic German) and bougth some cookies for myself. Didn’t last long though … :wink: