Science on Forumosa

We’ve had, in the past, discussions about how welcoming forumosa should be to non-scientific people. I don’t think anyone’s advocating excluding anyone just because of where they’re stupid, but there have been strong responses in the past to the idea that people come here to spout their half-baked scientific ideas .

Should there be a basic level of scientific knowledge to post on these forums ?

As a quantum physicist, rocket scientist and nobel-winning astronaut I am dismayed to see some people’s “logic”, from how insecticides work to the coriolis effect in toilet bowls . Reading some of these posts is too much like work, I deal with stupid people all day, I don’t want to deal with them here too.

If people can’t be bothered to check basic scientific information they shouldn’t bother posting.

I couldn’t give a monkey’s what you think, you’re all wrong anyway.



Big Fluffy,
Just be grateful forumosa doesn’t exclude ugly fat bastards, 'cos we’d both be shit out of luck.

Matthew, you should read.

Science is an evil cult!