Scolopendra in hotel room

I’m in Yilan in a “hotel” in the country side and I’ve seen already 2 scolopendras, one right now in my room, coming out of a gap in the wall right besides the bed.

A huge one, red head and legs.

These things are very venomous and I don’t know what to do…

For the moment I’ve moved to another bed and separated it from the wall, but that thing could still crawl the bed… And they like warmth and moisture, and the AC is running and the less dry thing in the room is going to be the bed :frowning:
Any ideas or suggestions?

Wikipedia says the bites are painful but “rarely fatal in humans”. :idunno:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I say move completely out of the room and maybe out of the hotel or the area.

I’m told by Taiwan person sitting next to me they are called 蜈蚣 in Taiwan and people do know that they can kill.

That was honestly one of my worries when I would sleep outside, especially in the jungle. I’m not sure how viable this advice would be for you, but, cover up. I was fortunate enough to have a personal sleeping bag with a bug net flap over the face.

Hate to be captain hindsight, perhaps you could invest in a personal bug net in the future. Something like this

Those things have been a life saver for me. The only time I’ve had a venom scare from wildlife was when I was messing with it.

Well, I don’t think I can talk my girlfriend into leaving the hotel and it’s already 12…

And I can’t get one of those nets now.

I’ve read something about trapping them with moist hot towels, I might try that

Is there any kind of store that sells bug spray? I’m thinking wasp spray with a high poison content.

Don’t bring your gf to shitty motels. The really good ones are only 1000-something. Yer welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Just go and tell them nicely at the front desk. Isn’t that the standard solution? They’ll almost certainly move you to another room without bugs in it.

Agree… unless you booked the room for the purpose of a Ménage à trois… move :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got bitten on the neck by one of those when I was staying at a beach hut in Thailand. It must have been hiding under my pillow, and came out to bite me when I went to bed. It was pretty painful, and I had two red marks on my neck like I’d been bitten by a vampire. But it wasn’t really a big deal…no swelling, no after-affects.

The scary thing about those creatures is that they’re practically indestructible. I got it on the floor and stomped on it as hard as I could, then stabbed at it with a bamboo broom handle, and it just looked at me like “Is that all you’ve got?” The guy in the hut next to me managed to destroy one with an improvised aerosol can flamethrower. Like creatures in horror films, they can only be destroyed with fire.

Why do you want to hurt the little creature? Everybody just try to survive. Just take it and put it outside…

To be fair, it hurt me first. I guess you’re probably the type that lets mosquitoes suck blood from your arm unmolested. To each his or her own.

Still alive


Welcome to Yilan!

Taiwan has some huge ones. I do believe one killed my pet wabbit.

And i came across a huge one in my living room in my wanli apt once. Cut it in half and both sides ran away in different directions. I had to find it and squash the heck out of it. It was near a foot long !

In my house BUGS DIE.

Only time I’ve ever seen one of those was on the farm in the Philippines. It was just stomping around, doing whatever spiderpig does. I guess they’re harmless enough as long as they’re not in your hotel room.

Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nightmares!!! :weary:

One sure fire way to get rid of them is to play the last Coldplay album at high volume. They will literally spontaneously combust. Mind you I’d rather get bitten by a wugong than listen to that pigswill.


These used to infest my old place in South Korea. I’ll take Kaohsiung’s German cockroaches over this nightmare fuel any day.