Scooby-Doo theme in Chinese. Sounds professional, who sang it?

You may think this is a kids cartoon only, but it still takes all of work and artistry to adapt a song to fit.
I find the song equally as good as the English version though I do not understand every word yet.
I would love to find out who was responsible for translating it and who recorded it.

It sounds like a local group so I would love to go back in time and follow some of their other works.
Was this theme recorded in Hong Kong or Taiwan?
There’s a big mystery for anybody who loves cartoons and stuck at home.

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Wasn’t there another thread about this a few months ago?

Yep, probably me.
I don’t remember getting any responses if I did.
The search function and I don’t work well together.

Anyway now that I got your attention, where would I begin? Should I write the cartoon network?
I’m really interested in the way cartoons adapt their content to different languages and would like to be part of a group but there does not seem to be much interest.
For instance, the Chinese version of The penguins of Madagascar series is lousy since the whole entire show is based on English puns.
The English speaking side of my family are rolling on the floor but the Chinese side of the family looks at it and says “meh.”
But the cartoon network and Disney seem to do a credible job.

I couldn’t understand the latter parts so had to look it up

叔比叔比狗 你在哪
叔比叔比狗 你在哪
來吧叔比狗 看看你
其實你不笨 因我看見

Not heard “收藏你的X” or 大智若愚 before. Are these common phrases?


大智若愚 is a common phrase. The other one is more commonly seen in lyrics or poems.


Thank you for the transcription. Could someone take a crack at transcribing the second verse of this Scooby Do song? It’s pretty hard to follow I admit. Thanks again Darkesontr.

你知道我們正要探索奧秘 叔比狗 快準備你的腳 (喔!別往後跑)
而叔比狗 你是我們的幸運神 我們都靠你了

叔比 叔比狗 你在哪
如果我們有 叔比狗