Scoot Airlines

I couldn’t believe it, Taipei to Singapore on certain weekdays up to 4 times daily !!!
Is there really that much demand to fill those flights, especially as the non LCC are flying
that route as well ?

I feel stunned, but great to have so many options …

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I made the trip once on Scoot. It was a full flight. But even water cost$, so be prepared

I’m taking my first ever trip to Singapore over the 10/10 holiday, flying Scoot. They were the second cheapest airlines with the best fight times, so I can spend the maximum time there. I’m curious to see how the experience will play out.

flown twice now with them. same type of deal as tiger air but with better uniforms.

I flew scoot 4x and the pilots did a great job, staff were great too. The trip is just over 4 hours you don’t need to eat on the plane so you get a flight for x amount and it’s a good deal.

Scoot is Tiger…they merged.

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so tiger air is gone now?

Tiger Air Singapore is gone, not Tiger Air Taiwan, nor Tiger Air in Aussie