Scooter insurance?

How much does scooter insurance usually run? I will be purchasing one when I arrive and I think the insurance will help. Is insurance even legally required in Taiwan? thanks

I think you’re only required to get liability insurance for your scooter. I just paid for two years worth of liability insurance, and I think it cost me something like NT$1300. My scooter isn’t worth enough to justify buying insurance to cover damage to my own scooter.

…or anyone else’s property.

I’m honestly not having a go scomargo. It reminds me though how the vast majority of scooter and light motorcycle users in Taiwan have exactly the same philosophy and how because of a general total lack of third party property insurance, hit and run accidents are so common.

What does the liability insurance do then? I’m genuinely curious. Does it just cover injury to the other person, but not his property?

persons only

I understand LIability insurance only covers the other party but not yourself or your vehicle ? Full coverage covers you and your vehicle as well to the stated amount.

Funny you should mention that. It just happened to me yesterday. I had a local knock me off my CBR. As I was rising to a sitting position on the road, I saw him take off down the hill. I was able to get his license plate number, for all the good it’s going to do me. An hour with the scooter cop up on Guanyinsan, and 3 hours in the Wugu police officers’ station this morning, turns out he’d had his license taken away quite a while back and had numerous outstanding tickets he hadn’t paid. I hope they’re going to throw the book at him, but I have a feeling it will be a rather thin book.

So, make sure your national health insurance is paid up, wear all your gear, and don’t buy a bike you have to send to Thailand for parts for :wink:

Yes but you haven’t defined whether or not liability insurance covers property (other scooters or cars for example) or just personal injury. Sulavaca implies that it does not.

not a scooter person but on car insurance, i started with full coverage and much later switched to the cheap one (much cheaper it was) which only covered other people and other peoples cars but not yourself or your passengers or your own car.

A lot of people have health insurance to cover the injury part for themselves and they basically will repair their own car or just write it off if its too expensive and then they get this el cheapo insurance.

what are we all currently paying for scooter insurance? I thought in the past it was around 700 a year, but then my wife was paying. She can’t find the old documents, and just received a yearly quote for 1380. Is my insurance company up to tricks? (adding sections I don’t want / need).

I think there’s something else you are paying, too.
The basic insurance should be a little more than NT600, regardless of the year (I’m not sure if it differs for yellow and red plates).
You better check with your insurance company what they are adding on top of the basic one.

Thanks, will do. They did this to me last year re car insurance, so i’m suspicious. A figure I’ve found from a few years back was 658, and that sounds about right.

And you still use their services?!

Do it through Fubon Insurance. My wife does. Price nearly the same.

There’s some wife guangxi involved. I don’t like it. But I have to go along with it.