Scooter, motor stalling ... finally resolved

My Yamaha Majesty had the bad habit of stalling more than necessary … always thought it was the fuel injection or spark plug … not so, today I told the mechanic that I probably needed a new belt, he looked at the odometer and said no, impossible … I made him understand that the scooter was stuttering when accelerating, I left, he took a spin and when I returned to pick it up he had it disassembled and showed me the clutch pulley cover and roller set … the rollers were flattened on one side and the cover was had overheated … had a blue shine on three spots … now, after repairing that driving is totally smoother and it doesn’t stall anymore … hooray!


oil, spark plug, pulley cover, roller set and some other small things … 2,350NT$ … time to fix 1.5 - 2 hours … not bad