Scooter rattles at mountains

My scooter makes a terrible rattle sound on hills and gets slow. There is also a jerking when I start moving on a red light or so and sometimes it starts getting faster and suddenly slows down and just a few seconds later moves on like nothing happened. The scooter also likes to just turn off on a red light or today while I slowed down to make a right turn and I had to start it again while rolling to make the turn. Any ideas? Oil just changed a couple days ago, fuel tank is full.

Something’s up with your transmission (CVT). Likely it’s just your drive belt. That’s a ~800NT fix at any corner scooter shop. Or something else fairly simply like the tension spring in the transmission. Would be best to get it fixed before the belt actually breaks and leaves you stranded.

Can be the variator … inside are some kind of rolls they can be damaged … in my case they had a flat side and it cost me 2,800NT$ to replace. Same symptoms at my scooter as yours.

Just take it to a scooter shop and get it fixed… someone you can trust, of course. Shouldn’t be too expensive, and a good mechanic will be able to identify the problem quickly.

thanks. Had it checked yesterday. My scooter turned off right in front of the scooter shop and I couldn’t start it again. They changed something and said variator needs to be changed, they will do this on the weekend.

Ahhh… now I see why the variator thingy is so expensive. That’s actually the transmission:

2 possible reasons:

  1. Transmission problem
  • belt past useful life
  • roller weights in variator are out of place
  1. Crankcase problem
  • a bearing in the crankcase has been damaged and a ball bearing is lose in your engine. Which is bad.
  • valves need to be adjusted, but I don’t think it’s that