Scooter won't start after 3 days

Just wonder what the laws are for this.

I think/hope they will come tomorrow to repair it and hopefully it will be fine after that. I have had the scooter for 3 days and already it won’t start.

I don’t know what consumer law is but if everything goes wrong what are my rights?

Thanks for your help.

In Taiwan, what the law says and what actually happens are two different things.

If this is a brand-new scooter, most reputable dealers will honour the guarantee. Just politely discuss the issues at hand and (most likely) they’ll get things sorted out for you. Ranting and shouting will usually not have the desired effect, unless you’re out of other options.

If it’s secondhand … well, I suggest you start reading some books about fixing scooters.

it’s second hand…


Second-hand car/scooter dealers are much the same all over the world, I’m afraid. Yours might be OK, but best not to hope for too much.

These things happen from time to time.
If they are good enough then they will fix it or offer you your money back.

Just remember that its a machine. Machines inevitably go wrong. How often they go wrong depends on their design and usage.
The trick to purchasing a machine is to understand its design, and usage. Reputation helps considerably. If you don’t know the machine’s condition though, then good luck. It’s best to have someone with a knowledge of machines, to check it out before your purchase.

Thanks, of course I wanted that but I haven’t been here so long and I don’t know anyone like that. This is a time when I wish my dad was on hand! I guess it’s a learning experience!

I just hope they sort it out tomorrow

Hope is not a good strategy. Its good to have when things are not in our control though.

The good news is that most scooters are pretty hardy machines and can be made right.

The guy came changed the fuse showed me how to kick start it without saying a word because he was worried about English even when I used my limited Chinese! Anyway it’s all good… for now and I learnt some new things.

As sulavaca says, it’s well worth finding a friend who knows about machines, or (even better) educating yourself on how they work. You should at least know how (and why!) to change the oil, an air filter, or a spark plug. Most scooter shops know what they’re doing, but plenty don’t. I remember after having my bike’s piston/cyclinder changed, the mechanic’s teenage son went blasting off down the road on it at 6000rpm and came back grinning because he thought I’d be pleased at how well it was running. Wanker. Predictably enough it seized up about a month later.

yes it can’t be too hard to learn it. Certainly not like learning Chinese! Thanks for the advice

Some bikes also have a kill switch inside the saddle bucket, so that others can’t bugger off with it without ripping open the seat. My kymco had one. Have a look for that to see if you have one. It can be frustrating the first couple of times you accidently prod it, then just about burst trying to kick start it in the scorching sun.