Scootering to Jilong?

Just a quick question – How long a scooter ride do you think it is, one-way, from Donghu in Neihu, to the Jilong temple market? Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way there (scooter route, as well as whether or not it’s advisable)? Thanks!

I’ll take a WAG and say it’s 15 kms.
Take the freeway; you’ll save time.

Provincial Hwy 5 goes from Neihu through downtown Hsichih to Keelung. Perfect for scootering. Maybe take an hour.

Beauty, thanks. Is that road particularly dangerous, with lots of heavy trucks and the like? Or just average. I tend to avoid the dangerous ones, so we might just take a train. But I’m kinda in the mood for a scooter ride and she wants seafood. :smiley:

It’s pretty average; nothing like Hwy 9. It’s wide, and goes through a fair amount of city.

On historical note, that road hooks up with Bade Road in Taipei, and was once the main highway from Taipei to Keelung back in the olden days (19th century and the Japanese era).


So, how was it, DB?

i have map in detail .
i try to tell you first.
you ride on [color=#FF0000]Datong sec.1 Rd [/color] .and keep riding the road will turn into the name of Datong sec.2 and Datong sec.3 --> Mingde 2nd Rd and Mingde 1st Rd. --> Nanrong Rd (between Mingde and Nanrong .you will do though Badu tunnel) .
and you will turn right to I 2nd Rd

i have no experience . this is what i read from the map .

if you still can’t understand …
my msn is

it might need about 1 half-hour in my experience .
(just my prediction)

I take that route pretty often - about 30 minutes in normal traffic on a scooter from Xizhi to Keelung. Provincial Hwy 5 is called “Hsin Tai Wu” road in Xizhi. Take a right after the Xizhi Costco is you’re heading out of Taipei going to Keelung and then just keep going straight. Should be at Miao-ko in 30 minutes or so at 60 km/hr.

google map taiwan

Thanks, all! We haven’t tried it yet, but we may as soon as the weather is a bit cooler.

I did a loop to Keelung and back the other day. Over Yangmingshan, down through Wanli, over to Keelung (taking a slight detour to a nice old fort thing on the hillside just before Keelung itself), then near Ruifang, through Pingxi, and back by the Academica Sinica. A good ride though I’m a bit of a wuss these days and felt a bit tired by the end.

I did start going along the No. 5 back from Keelung, but it looked boring as anything which is why I took the scenic route back over the hills.