Scooters and busy markets

What is it with riding scooters through packed markets?
Nudged to move out of the way, then they sit in front pumping noxious fumes up my nostrils.
I respect other Cultures where I am, but I can say if they did that where I come from they would get their lights punched out.

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Yeah, drives me mad too.

It’s usually fat a-ma’s who have settled into a comfortable routine of doing as little physical movement is possible, confident that everyone else will excuse them pootling around on their two-wheeled invalid carriages cos they’re, like, venerable and stuff.

I especially enjoy the teenagers that ride high speed through the markets weaving around people and vehicles madly like a NASCAR race (Fengjia Night Market)

Not everyone is there for the night market.
I have to do it as it is the only way to get to my place.
Thankfully it is small section of one street.

Yes, living in such a section truly does 


Only a small section you can push?

People here only respond to what is around them when there is noise. If I pushed it, it would take forever to get home. If they hear the engine they get out of the way and half the time with phone zombies, they don’t even hear the engine. I usually have my feet on the ground while I pass through.

Fair enough, I guess it’s way of life here like it or lump it. No rules are obeyed concering scooters and many other do not do’s.
Police Force has to be best job in Taiwan?

I’m always really irritated by scooters on sidewalks. I’m fuckin’ walkin’ here.

Riding a scooter is the only way they shop in a lot of markets. Plus you can ride directly from your front door and back if you’re in the middle of the town or if you’re a farmer coming into the market for replenishment.

A lot of people don’t even notice riding as scooter to shop in a street market as being undesirable. People grow up with it and the majority rules so chabuduo.

I just consider it the shopping mall with scooters for transport…

I always find it strange when people walk in the road when there are sidewalks (with no scooters) available.