It appears I have scurvy. I’ve been getting it quite a bit this past year and evertime I went to the doctor he didn’t quite know what to make of it. Gave me some ointments for my fingertips and some antibiotics to take after meals. I did some searching just now on my own, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it is scurvy. My question is this:

Has anyone ever had this before? What’s a good way to avoid from this ever happening again? Is there a way I can speed up the healing process? Thanks

The symptons I have are rash around the fingernail area and hands. It feels like someone sticking nails under my fingernails. And my gums are really terrible. Bleeding and my lips are getting really fat. Oki doki

What kind of food have you been living on? Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C, as I had thought everyone knew.

Take some vitamins, but be sure to also eat a balanced diet and not rely on pills alone.

Heard of a student getting it one time in the UK… supposedly he figured out how to live on ASDA dog food for 30 pcs a can… mixed with something else as a staple diet. His food bill for a month while in college was about 10 pounds… which left him more money to buy some metylated spirits and milk to make white russians for those cold nights in college

I’m not a doc but IMHO if you’re eating fruit and drinking juice from time to time I imagine it would be quite hard to get scurvy. I mean you’d really have to go out of your way to avoid vit C-containing food to get it.

If you think your diet isn’t that bad then seek out a second opinion. Although your symptoms may be consistent with scurvy your doc may have overlooked something else. It can’t hurt to double check, and in the meantime get sucking on some limes.


Dude, I offered you a grapefruit the other day, but you turned it down. I’ve got a fridge full of them. They’re pretty cheap. You could buy a whole bag from the fruit stand around the corner and still have enough money for pills. jeez.

Yeah, the doctor was actually quite surprised himself that I had gotten scurvy. It’s true that I don’t eat right, there might be many reasons for that, but I won’t get into them.
I’m getting treatment now, and i’m taking plenty of pills and overdosing on vitamin C. White russians sound might nice though.
It’s funny, Andy, I was just thinking about you offering me that grapefruit and me turning you down. Guess I should’ve taken it after all. Cya Saturday = I hope

Wow, I thought only seamen and pirates get this on their long trips over the atlantic…=)

Hope you get well soon…