Searching for a senior Bulldog!

Does anyone you know of an older French Bulldog in need of a home? I saw a Frenchie at a small animal rescue event outside next to Bellvita in the Xinyi District on Saturday, January 9th.

Regrettably, I do not speak Mandarin, and I did not get the dog’s information or the name of the rescue group (all signs were in Mandarin).
I have been searching for him online since then, but I haven’t had any luck so far.

I am hoping that someone might know of this dog, or have the contact information of the rescue group that was in Xinyi this past weekend.

Those dogs all looked incredibly mistreated, wearing dirty diapers and whatnot.

Please check out the shelter in Banqiao.

I don’t have any answer about finding a home for an older French Bulldog. But I will say that coming in to forumosa with a handle of “k8” seeking help for a canine was nicely done. :sunglasses:

I hope this works out.


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Isn’t that’s all the more reason for the OP to rescue one of their animals?

Perhaps, at the same time, the organisation could be given some careful feedback on how to improve. If they’re running a rescue group, hopefully their base intentions are good.

honestly, their donation kind of event just looked like a scam. it was hard to believe that the money they got from panhandling actually went to the animals.

Very different vibe from the group that usually has pets at Jianguo.

Ok & oh dear. Sad to imagine that goes on. But I can imagine it sometimes does.

That’s the impression I get from some animal ‘rescue’ groups, probably the triads laundering money, as they do with disabled people.