Searching for hummus and authentic handmade breads

haven’t really explored much of taipei… but am looking for places with no MSG:

hummus… miss it… used to eat loads from trader joes…

handmade breads… (used to buona forchetta/la brea bakery style breads from los angeles… the texture/taste so far tried have not be up to par…

where can i find artisan breads baked with love?

thank. =)

Well, you could always try the where to buy hummus thread, the hummus, yoghurt - buying, making thread, the pita bread thread and the good bread and bakeries thread. It’s amazing what you can find on Forumosa when you do a search.

Thanks for old links, Juba.

Btw, if you don’t want to make your own hummus. Jason’s 101 sells tubs of it. They have the red capsicum kind and the plain kind. It’s in the refrigerated section that has cottage cheese, feta, and other dips. They also sell big things of plain greek yogurt.

Support Jasons so they don’t start stocking only local foods!

The Greek cafe Mykonos has great hummus as well as other delicious Greek delights.

Address: No.8 Lishui Street (near Shi Dah)
Number: 2704-2960

Locking this thread. All answers can found at the links Juba so kindly supplied.