Second hand TV sets

Anyone know where we can get second hand TV sets (flat screen preferred)? Checked near Xi Men 西門 but nothing much in flat screen. Also what is best place to buy new TV sets in Taipei?

Loads of places around here (near Xindian flower market) although they all seem to have the big old CRT ones, not LCD/Plasma if that’s what you’re looking for.
I’d say any of the supermarkets if you’re just after something cheap.

Xia Men St. off He Ping West Rd has lots of used TV sellers. That whole area, Gu Ling St., Xia Men St., and under the Chung Cheng bridge overpass to Yong He, you’ll find quite a few used TV options.

As for new, I’m assuming any of the big outlets would be a good bet. 3C, Carrefour, Dai-I-Chi (now called Best, I think…), RT Mart, even Cost Co.

You can get a new CRT TV for 8 to 11 thousand nts from any hypermarket, from local brands like SAMPO and TECO, up to Panasonic and SONY.

As to the used ones, I agree that the best choice is the area around Xiamen and under teh bridge -take MRT to Kuting, walk down Hoping East Road up to Gulin Street, and work your way down.

Please beware that used ones have a tendency to go: PUM!

Also, factor the extra charge for transportation and added cost if your building has no elevator -they charge per floor.

Zhuenguo Dien Tzu has a 2% discount on Panasonic, and remember, no interest on monthly payments…

I’ve seen 'em for as little as 4k on sale, too!

Another used TV market is at the end of Guangzhou street at Huanhe south road, in wanhua.

big sale at Carrefour today. From 10/1 to 10/5, you can get a 32inch Herosonic flat screen tv for only 11,688nt, and you also get 1,000 in bonus “carrefour” dollars to spend before the 8th, so it’s actually 10,688nt. I’m not sure about Taipei, but there’s free delivery in Taichung!

WOW, that is a really good deal! :thumbsup: