Second Marriage

Hi All,
Just wondering if I get married again here will I have to get All the original paperwork from my home country again. Ie. proof of single status, criminal history etc…

Been here 4 years
Started on marriage ARC for 1.5 years
Changed to Work ARC for 2 years
Currently on extended ARC looking for work/sponsorship.


You have been divorced for about 2 years right?

Have just spoke with immigration office…
apparently I just have to present marriage certificate and household registration and I can change Visas…

You sure you wanna do that whole marriage thing all over again?

Don’t you need a proof of single status to get marriage certificate/to register your marriage, if your spouse to be is a taiwanese?

You can skip the visa part so you don’t need health check and criminal record. You just need to register your marriage and change your ARC.

I guess immigration officer told you what they need to change your ARC. You should check what you need to register your marriage to HHR.

yeah, I will check with the Household registration office… wonder if they will have a copy from the first time.