Second non-teaching job?

Hey all! Need some advice…

I currently have a full time work permit with ARC for one job (“editor” position, not teaching). I am leaving the contract early (on good terms) and going to work for a second company (also “editor” position, not teaching). However, the first job wants me to stay on for about 20k per month’s worth of work, and the new company is happy to allow me the time to do that.

So I need to find out what to do to make this all nice and legal. As I understand it, a person can hold more than one work permit, and what “type” of work permit you have is dependent on the position’s duties and the amount earned/time at work. For the old job I was full time - over 48k per month (which is the lower limit, right?). The new job will also be full time over 48k. The old job would change to part time at about 20k per month. So what are my options?

  1. Change existing full time work permit to part time without canceling, add new full time work permit, get both noted on my ARC
  2. Cancel existing full time work permit and apply for new full time work permit with new company, then apply for new part time work permit with old company

Basically I don’t know what the order is, or how to do this properly. There’s no terrible rush - old company is okay with sitting on my ARC/work permit for a couple weeks while I figure out how to change things up.

Any advice appreciated!