Secondhand TVs/VCRs?

Hi, me again…just wondering if there were any places in Taipei city that sell secondhand TVs/VCRs? The new stuff seems pretty expensive (especially considering it’s all made here!) :slight_smile:

The streets around Xiamen St, and Chongqing S Rd. Cheap 2nd tellies and stuff.


Why would you need a VCR when DVD/VCD players are soooo cheap?
I bought a new DVD player for 1500nt haven’t seen many VCR’s for that cheap. Why would you need a vcr? The movies you can find on DVD or VCD and Star world rebroadcasts late at night.

To be able to record things? As far as I know, the digital recording technology such as Tivo hasn’t made it to Taiwan yet, and DVD-R recorders aren’t able to record on the fly.

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There’s several models of DVD video recorders out now that record realtime. They are still priced up in the NT25-40k range though. I’ve seen them locally at Daiichi.

Thanks for the advice - I did notice the DVD players are cheaper, the reason I want a VCR is to watch the occasional tapes I get from home… and before anyone flames me saying"what, did you just come to Taiwan to watch TV from home?!" I lived in Japan for 2 1/2 years before coming here…so it’s nice to get a taste of Canada sometimes!

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