See ya later Alligator: Goodbye FearsomeOrange!

I’ve just read that FO and his family are leaving our enchanted Isle!
[ … highlight=](Hey Foreign TCM'ers! Want to hook up?
Take care and good luck back in the world!

It was very nice meeting you, your wife, and your award winning “Fatman” offspring!



Bless Ya & Yours FO!

Good Fortune to Ya in your next adventure!.

Mucha suerte, FearsomeOrange!

Have a good one wherever you go.

See ya, FearsomeOrange.

I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and your blog.

Take care, and all the best to you and your family on your next adventure.

Well, I’m overwhelmed! :blush:

Thanks everyone. I was going to make an announcement sometime this week about our impending departure, but I guess I let the cat out of the bag already.

We’ve been in Taiwan just shy of four years. They’ve been great years; we’ve all learned a lot, made some great friends and a bit of start up capital for back home. I have really appreciated and its denizens. By and large y’all are a good group of people, and when I’ve needed help or advice have gotten it here.

We’ll miss Taiwan, but probably drop in on Forumosa from time to time, just to catch up. And, we’re not closing any doors on this fine country. We have no plans to return, but I’m not one to say ‘never’.

Luck in the next chapter. Good travels.


Did I just missed the party? Was it last saturday? :blush:

Geez, this year is the year of leaving? So sorry to see you gone Fearsome Orange and thanks for all the cool reads. Happy and safe journey!

Good luck on the return journey…Hope it is smooth, and the little “S” makes a easy transition from being the star of the hour to western normality.

Best wishes from the MJB family and especially from the little “M”.

Safe travels,

The Yangmei contigent of the “Baked Bread” cast.

Thanks again for your wishes. It’s been a terribly difficult week saying goodbye to everyone. Especially my little ones at the kindie. Some of them were crying yesterday and clinging to my legs. I’m not one to cry much myself, but I certainly had a big lump in my throat when I went out the door…