Seed market for fruits and/or vegetables?

Hello, does any one know where in Taipei I can find a seed market for fruits and/or vegetables? Thanks.

There are plenty of seeds for sale at the weekend Jianguo Flower Market - is that the kind of thing you’re looking for?

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Thanks, I will check out. Despite the name (flower market) it sells fruit/vege seeds I assume.

Yes, it’s more of a plant market. Kind of a quirk in the local market-naming scheme.

PChome sells seeds.

Order direct from

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Common seeds as mentioned can be found in the flower market. Known you and some other local but big seed companies have a lot of options in the vegetable and flower range. For good fruit types usually you need to buy plants. Theres a foreign guy that sells plants and seeds as well. Selection isnt as broad but covers harder to find things, namely tropical fruit.

Nurseries here have decent selections normally, but quality is usually average and under. But plants can rebound, just dont buy diseased ones…

Are these styles of vege packages also for starting your own garden at home? And then eat some every few days?


I think it’s just to keep them fresh while they sit on the shelves. I doubt you could replant them.

Mizuna is ridiculously easy to grow in pots, btw.

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As finley says its for freshness. Not a huge plastic fan but it is a great way to lower food waste if customers could pick up their game. With roots, lots of leafy crops, and some non leafy ones, store way better.

And for fun, depending on the species can be regrown. Many thinfs lime letuce, onion, carrot, garlic, potato/yam/sweet potato, burdock, cilantro etc etc can be grown from the supermarket. Sometimes its technically illegal duento patents, especially gmo crops, but often possible and fun. Used to do it with kitchen waste in a kids education thing years ago.

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