Seediq Bale

A new movie project of WEI De-sheng, director of Cape No. 7, is making progress. Here is a blog of the movie: Seediq Bale, a story about Wushen event.

I like those drawings they posted online and hope he will eventually get enough fund to film his Taiwan trilogy.

I’m glad this project is going forward. It’s been a long time coming, but he got a major financial boost from Cape No. 7.

I look forward to seeing the movie (hopefully with English subtitles, as my Seediq is somewhat rusty).

The Hollywood Reporter recently published an interview with Wei Te-sheng (in English). … d2a0b8164c

has anyone seem this in tw? English subtitles?

This site says no English subtitles on the Taiwanese prints.

Damn, yeah, I went to see it today, and it looks like there’s no English subs.

Anyone found them at a theatre somewhere?

Thanks for posting this bu. I was going to go see it today too and checked first. Nope, no English subtitles. If you go to the movie’s website you’ll see lots of email complaints.

if they do an english subtitle, lets hope its done professionally and correctly.

get someone like our Chris to do it :slight_smile:

They must have subtitles for audiences in, say, the US or UK.

I guess the maker of the movie is asking for it to be pirated.

an English sub must exist as every time they show footage on TV you can see English at the bottom… hmmmm

i get it. … movies on the wan are shown in their original language and with chinese subs. This movie will be shown in its original language and with chinese subs !

Could you provide a link? Thanks!

Could you provide a link? Thanks![/quote]

Just back from Tiger city here in Taichung.No english subs! so was extremly hard to understand whats going on in the movie as far as chinese is ok but was very hard to keep reading and watching at the same time!!!

Here’s the story:

Yes, looks like I was not the only one to assume that there must be English subs, because trailers and news clips on TV and web have shown them.

BUT, you may or may not know that there are two cuts of this film. The 2.5 hour version was shown in Venice with English subs and is the version intended for international release. The version being shown in Taiwan now is the 4.5 hour version preferred by the director, which has been split into two parts - the first released this weekend and the second on the 25th. This version does NOT have English subtitles.

BUT, Seediq Bale has been chosen as Taiwan’s entrant in the Best Foreign Film category for the Oscars, and Academy Award regulations state that the edit submitted for nomination must be the same as that shown in the film’s domestic market.

Also I read that the government has awarded funds for development of further subtitles.

Less reliably, I have heard that there is some kind of copyrite issue with the subs.

Anyway, looks like we might be waiting for DVD release of one of the two edits.

Yep, no subs. I thought it was fair as most of the picture is in seediq and Japanese. Very little Mandarin.

I liked spotting the actors that played in Cape No. 7 and also took part in this film. BTW, in the movie, bale was pronounced as in Spanish.

The audience was entralled. Reverent. Silent as if they were in mass. Laughter, as usual, erupted very briefly at the most disconcerting places -for me. For instance, when they said: don’t kill Han. Or when the cop guy hastily changes his outfit. Or comes running so fast he scares tge dogs and gets chewed out for it. Yet the Leroy Jenkins moment early on -which I thought was sort of funny- did not elicit even a whisper.

so how is the movie? Is it well made? Is it a good tale? A worth watcher?

How does one pronounce this … Seediq Bale … ? :ponder:

In English: Seddick Ballet

In Chinese: Saideke Balai

In Seediq: suhjick balzhuh (where “uh” is a “schwa” sound, “ck” is pronounced way back in the throat, and “lzh” is “l” and the “g” in “rouge” pronounced simultaneously)

For the pronunciation of the Seediq “l”:

OK :ohreally: