[seeking] Ally McBeal DVD/VCDs

I have a friend here who asked me about Ally McBeal DVDs or VCDs. Does anyone have any that they can, uh, lend to me :wink:

Just checking :slight_smile:

A “friend”. Uh-huh. Ok. Whatever you say.

~snicker, snicker~

Gus are you a fellow Ally McBeal fan? Personally, I can’t stand the Ally character but I like all the other wacky people on the show.

uh, believe it or not, these really ARE for a friend (who isn’t me).

Ally McBeal got popular long after I left NY and came over here, so I’ve never really seen any of it. I did see a scene where computer graphics was used to demonstrate her wild imagination. I just haven’t gotten around to reall checking it out