Seeking Basketball Coach Employment

Hi! My name is Chris Eglington, I am 34 years old from Scotland. I have six years coaching basketball experience looking for employment in Asia. I am open to anywhere really, looking for any help or advice if possible. I am a fully qualified level 2 coach with experience coaching kids, teenagers and adults. I also have a degree for visa purposes, teaching English certificate as well as managerial experience with Nike and Foot Locker. I appreciate any help anyone could provide with finding employment. Thanks, Chris

Hey. Send me a PM and I can point you to some places.


not sure how to send a pm on here sorry

Are you allowed to work in Taiwan?

should be able too yes. I have a degree as well as all relevant paperwork so shouldn’t be any issues

Check these guys out.

Also TYPA who usually do their thing at TAS.

Sorry both my contacts there do not work there anymore. So just try to get a hold of them. I’ll PM you a email for one of my friends I work with who is building his basketball academy.


Thanks man, I sent Carlos a message with my CV and details. Much appreciated


Good luck.

If you play, check out Butcher ball in Taiwan. They rent out a indoor court and play 1-2 times a week with a bunch of great guys. Been going on longer than I’ve been alive actually.

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