Seeking friends- foreigners(LGBTQ)

Taiwanese girl, lesbian, live in New Taipei City

I’m interested in any countries cultures, I love to communicate with people from different countries and also love to exchange countries or language

So if you are from different countries, and would love to make friends, please email me:)

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By the way my English is not very good, I’m working on it, so hope you speak a little Chinese and don’t mind it:)



Hi! I’m a lesbian too :blush:
I’ve met other LGTB people (Taiwanese and foreign) here in Taipei by attending some Tongzhi Hotline events in English. Fembooks also has events sometimes. It’s good if you feel shy to talk, because they usually centre around a particular topic, so it’s easier to break the ice and talk to people.


Do you know about Meetup? I belong to this group, 台北Taipei LGBTQIA+ 每週聚會Weekly Meetup (Online Event), which might interest you: