Seeking help in finding a printing company


I am interested in establishing a long term business connection with a printer in taiwan (or china, Hong Kong).

I have medium to large printing jobs from various foreign countries that I would like to print in taiwan.

If anyone could be of help, or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

I have some exposure to this business in Taiwan, having done international trade where designing and printing retail packaging was part of the cost-down solution provided to the western company. I’ve also spent my share of time down at the local printing companies trying to keep them from screwing things up for my customer.

If you could be more precise about what kind of services you’d like to provide, I might be able to nudge you in the right direction as to what is the most ecconomical and headache-free.

If you’d like to take it offline, my address is


Taiyi Printing Enterprise 2298-2828
#59 Wu-Chun 7 Road., Wu-Ku Industrial Park
Taipei County, Taiwan

Their sales people normally travels to the client’s place of business so you don’t have to actually go to them.