Seeking Hospital with Oncology Services in Taipei

As the title suggests, I would like to find hospital or health center that will screen for cancer. I assume most hospitals offer this kind of testing, although someone recommended Taiwan Adventist to me and they don’t have any mention of an oncology department on there website.

If anyone has any advice or recommendations on the best place to receive some form of cancer screening, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

You may want check out this hospital:

Koo Foundation Sun Yat Sen Cancer Center (和信治癌中心醫院)

If you’re around Xinyi South, Taipei Medical University Hospital has a full Oncology Clinic


Don`t go to TVH. In my 20s, they told me I had leukaemia and did a bone marrow biopsy.

I did not have leukaemia — just a bad infection that raised the white blood cell count. Adventist caught the error very quickly.

+1 on the Koo Foundation Sun Yat Sen Cancer Center.
We were confronted with breast cancer some 5 yrs ago, did every possible research possible, and ended there.
They are by far the most experienced and up to date facility, and have proven that over time.