[Seeking] That soft thing to put on top of a matress

Looking for an inch or two thick foam thing that you put on top of a matress (same size) if the matress itself is too hard.
Dunno the name, seen one at IKEA but it seems rather expensive. Have tried some furniture shops that sell bed and matresses but couldn’t find that thing. (How do you call that actually)

Anyone know where to get it? Need delivery to my house. Not interested in used ones.

Me too. Ditto thinking that the Ikea onese seemed expensive.

I thought they were caleld comforters, but I htink some people take ‘comforter’ tp mean a sheepsking kind of thing. I just want a little bit of foamy soft mattress to put on top of my rock-solid mattress. I don’t want something that will be too hot in summer.


Try HOLA, upstairs from B & Q in Neihu.
Sizes are better than IKEA as they’re standard for TW. IKEA sizes are all messed up, and the quality (of everything) is crap.

Are you talking about those foam things that NASA uses? You can fold them up, scrunch them, bend them, etc and when you let them go they go back to the original shape? They make 5cm 7cm and then a 20cm+ one?

If this is what you are talking about I may be able to help you.

It’s called an egg crate mattress pad. Don’t know where to find one here. You could also try RT Mart. Short of buying a softer mattress you could just get a couple of plain mattress covers it might make it softer.

Damn, I thought this thread was about something else.

My advice is to get a sheepskin one (I suppose its actually fleece rather than skin). Those foam ones will make you sweat like a hog in summer. Speaking from experience.

He is right. However, for those non-scotties out there, make sure the sheep isn’t still inside its skin.

Ok, but where to get the sheep, I mean sheep skin one?

Hola was expensive, around NT9000 and up (!) for a proper thingy - can buy a new matress for that money. Actually I am short of doing so …

Where, where? And how much? :help:

Aren’t they hot?

What would be ideal would be a couple of inches of oam, with bamboo on one side for sleeping on in the summer.


Those you can get a B&Q, seen them there last Sunday. Around 2000-3000 NTD if I recall correctly.
Hola also has them but didn’t ask for the price since I thought the bamboo bottom is not suitable as I want to put it on top of the matress.

[quote=“Bassman”]Damn, I thought this thread was about something else.[/quote]I thought Rascal was looking for a woman again too.

Rascal, if you’re still looking, we’ve got one you can have, it’s one of these 5cm of foam with bamboo on the other side, we used it to soften the mattress in our guest-room with it. As nobody ever wants to visit us it’s virtually unused … double-bed sized, btw. PM me if you want to have it, free of course. The bed itself can also go as we’ll move house soon, so if anybody is interested … Xpet.

Aren’t they hot?

Surprisingly to me, no they’re not. I was very sceptical when my wife came home with it – fleece (hot) and way too thin to soften our iron-hard mattress (its like a fitted sheet that fits over the corners of the mattress). However, although it doesn’t really make the mattress softer, it softens the pressure points like elbows, hips, etc, so the impression is of a softer surface. Very comfortable – warm in winter and in summer, when we turn the mattress to the bamboo side and put the fleece on top, it takes the edge off the hardness but remains reasonably cool. I’ll ask the wife where and how much because I have no idea, but I don’t think its expensive – she bought two or three of them.

Ok, stop the presses!

The messages above are well-ment, but inaccurate. I studied these matrasses for months, compared quality, species, shops and prices. I bought several of them, actually. They are great! They are NOT egg-mattrasses, or latex, but silicon-based. Temperatures change their softness. There are massive rip-off schemes going on with these matrasses. Your best buy? GEANT (Taoyuan) There is a mattrass-stand in side the building, in front of the cashregisters of geant, in the hallway. Talk down the price to 8000nt for a single(5cm), or 12.000nt for a double(6cm). Anything else you might buy is a waste of money. You buy air! that s the scam going on…the amount of silicon/air can be adjusted in the factory.
I seen worse quality mattrasses go for 20-30000nt, selling the same thing
Take this advise or not, as you choose…and by the way…they are nice and cool in summer. Get extra covers, though, cant buy that size anywhere. The pillows they sell are not the best…inside the geant you have more choice…get the DOVE pillow at 900nt…[/b]

Stop the presses!

by the way…they are so comfy…i dont even have a normal mattrass…just use the 6cm thick mattrass…it s all I need…