Segue chat

Did ya’ll notice the chat thing Gus just added to the boards for registered users?
Wonder if it’ll fly.
It seems pointless to go there if noone’s on it, which has been the case thus far. I sat there for a few minutes to see if some of my pals who were on segue would drop in to say hello, but I got booted. :frowning:

alright. it’s been two weeks - time to dust this thread off!
gus, i have a big problem with chat. the company i work at blocks the page because of the chat feature. i’d love to be able to check the boards once in a while, but as long as chat exists segue is web site non-grata.
is it even getting any action?
i think there was one person in there about two weeks ago…
why can’t we stop the madness??? :cry:

Chat? Who could possibly “moderate” it? Is there a real-time Pinyin checker plugin for phpBB? God forbid, someone might say the “f” word or reveal what Dan Bloom used to do before becoming a Taiwan celebrity! The idea is utterly preposterous and the feature should be removed from Segue immediately before anybody posts in haste says something they mean. :sunglasses: