Segue Classifieds pickup points in Taipei: any suggestions?

I’m planning to start printing out the Print Segue Classifieds and drop them off at in different places to help promote the site (finally!) :sunglasses:

Can you suggest places in Taipei that I should include?

This is an experiment – I’m only going to photocopy a couple of hundred copies and leave 20 to 30 copies in some locations. Test the waters. I’ll approach the following places to ask if I can copies for their customers to pickup:

Grandma Nitti’s
G’day Cafe
Juke’s (sp? – the former Jakes Downtown – over near Tun Hua/Ho Ping)
Orange in Shih-lin
Lane 86

Please suggest other places, and include a contact to whom I can present my case. Or e-mail me if you don’t want to post the info publicly.

Here’s a sample of what will be printed: – nothing fancy, just a list of “links” – but it will include the 4 Job Listings forums and a roster of current pickup locations

I’d be willing to post some at the Community Services Center and other places in Tienmu as well as drop some off at Dan Ryan’s while I’m there for Sunday brunch.

How often do you plan to print and distribute these?


Thank you!

For now, it’s going to be every fortnight – I want to fine tune the publishing process so that copying and pasting from the website to an MS Word file will be a snap. Remember, this isn’t a real newspaper - -it’s a bald-faced promotional piece to help stir interest in the website :shock: Uh, how long is a fortnight – every ten days, right? :blush:

Ultimately, it’d be great if it was being printed up once a week. But – ha, ha – that’ll be a stretch. Let’s see how things go with a twice/thrice monthly schedule. As they say back in my neighborhood: Easy ka lang, pare (“Take it easy, man”) If this “costs” too much time, we’ll scale back or change plans – hey, this is the Internet :smiley:

If anyone is interested in helping out distribute, please subscribe to the new “Crew” group I just made. If you are a member of this group, you will have access to a private forum exclusively for discussing issues/challenges/experiences related to this gig, click here:

No problem!

LOL I thought it was 14!

Is that from the Spanish ‘compadre’? We use the same word in Guam to mean ‘friend’… our language is mostly Spanish now anyway.


Gus–are you in Chung Ho? Know where Jing Ping Jie is? Thinking about buying some guy’s oven there but I think I might get lost!

I’m sure you are right baout compadre and pare :slight_smile:

I live near Ching Ping Jie – I live a precise 7-minute walk door-to-door from Ching-An MRT Station. Chungho is confusing becuase the streets tend to change names often – or worse, the streets take turns! If you aren’t paying attention, you won’t notice that the street name took a right turn and your standing on a ‘different’ street.

Are you planning to come down there? I need to give you your name cards (uh oh, are we off-topic :wink:)

Send some down to Kaohsiung and I can drop them off at major foreighner hangouts. When you are ready let me know and I will send you my address.


Cheers, DB – if you can register as a member, I’d like you to access the hidden Distribution forum. We can talk at length there about how best to send this stuff down to sunny Southern Taiwan.

I’ll look to contact – becuase i figure they’ll have a good network down there :slight_smile: Do you think if we sent them a page, they’d include us in there?

Taipei: The Deli opp. McDonald’s at Taipei Main Station.

Hey Gus,

I’m registered. Let’s rock.


Why restrict yourself to targeting the ‘foreigner hangouts’? Don’t Chinese here look at the classifieds? Maybe pick some popular places frequented by non-foreigners as well.

You’re right, Wolf. We should not just restrict ourselves to foriegner hangouts.

At this stage, we have a budget of about NT$ 0. Let’s focus the few hundred copies we make in the places where we are certain English speakers will be – that is, those who would naturally take home a copy of the listings. If this promotional effort seems to ‘work’, then figuring out where to give this stuff away will be a nice problem to deal with.

I’ll aim to distribute the first run next week Monday – please suggest more places. I’ll also try to re-introduce the Email Bulletin then, too.

Hi Gus

Maybe you could contact the people at Witch House opposite Taida, not far from Lane 86 (about the only “pubs” I know in Taipei :wink: ). The lady owner is married to a German guy who is trying to introduce German board games in Taiwan. He has quite a collection in the Witch House and holds “Board Game Sunday Afternoons” like twice a month. I met a couple of Germans there before. I’ll pm you with the contact.

If you are too busy to deliver the flyers yourself, I can pick them up at your place (where would that be?) and bring them there (Lane 86 as well and everything else that’s around Kuting MRT, Taida, Roosevelt/Hsinsheng).


No, I meant Kungkuan MRT, not Kuting


Hi Iris,

Thanks. Please subscribe to the Distribution Group over here: groupcp.php?g=3991

I might need your help in the future

Btw, folks, I’ve pushed back the distribution to Thursday or Friday this week instead of today because Monday and Tuesday are normally the busiest days for Segue. Saturday and Sunday are usually the lightest.


Did I manage to subscribe to the Distribution Group? Never joined a group before :blush:


Yes, you subscribed successfully. I had to “approve” your subscription because I’m the designated “Group Moderator”

Next time you log in, you should see a “new” forum in the lower section of the front page :slight_smile: If you do NOT, please e-mail me or post here again.