Segue Library

What do you say we open a Segue Library?

  • Yes and I’m willing to donate my books.
  • Yes, but I have no books to donate.
  • No, I’m not interested.

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Why don’t segue open a library, all of us can contribute books that we have read and put it in segue library for public reading. If we need the book, we can always take it back with us.

Any ideas?



umm…but where would we have the books? could we donate books to the g’ nitti’s book swap thing? (though i haven’t checked their books out before…)…or maybe we could open up or start an expat or foreign book used bookstore? i think there’d be a market for that - who’s got connections?

I could never part with 95% of my books, and the other 5% wouldn’t be worth donating to anything other than a big, roaring fire.

I remember someone in Tien-Mu suggesting this before and wanted to contribute books but I don’t remember about the space issue and I cannot find the thread. I think it is hard to maintain anything using just personal resources. I think we can take a look at some places to store our books. They benefit from the free books and we benefit by having a free location. Maybe we could use something like FTP upload/download rules so people will be required to donate books in order to borrow books.

Here is another thread: … ooks#36857

good Idea ali. Member should contribute books before they can borrow other books. Books will have sticker of the name of the owner and what ever the owner feel please to say :slight_smile:

and small fee will be taken for administration of those books.
like 10 NT or whatever :slight_smile:

with the money we might be able to buy new books :slight_smile:


a membership fee would encourage those involved to be respectful of everyone else’s books - alongside with having to donate books. i think that perhaps pairing the location with a place frequented by we expats will help to get it off the ground. i suggest nitti’s for lack of a better suggestion. i also know that there are two locations - nitti’s and some other place further north - that have informal book swaps; perhaps adding some organization to those might help to get this off the ground.

oh, and i think a poll on this might be helpful, to see whether people are interested or not…

I just setup the poll, let see the number then :slight_smile:


Yet another Taipei thing -

Set it up in Taichung county so all you Taipei lot have to leave Taipei and see the rest of Taiwan for a while.

Go out tho the provinces? You must be joking Bossman.

Why not have a virtual library?

Everybody ‘donates’ 5 books, adds them to the online list, and when someone wants to borrow it, they arrange to meet. Or maybe a combination of the virtual and physical. But I’m like Maoman. I like to keep my books.


How’d ya know I was jokin’

How about if we deal in eBooks? Then we don’t have a storage/shipping issue. Of course we will delete our copy when we pass it on to the next reader.

:wink: Sure we will :wink:

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I like this idea.

But perhaps membership dues would be a good idea.

Community Center already have a small library, btw.