Segue origin


I think segue is coined out from tagalog word “sige”.

Isn’t that so?

anton xie

Check your FAQs, Anton!

Well, I haven’t heard that one before, 'ton, but it’s a creative guess :slight_smile:

Here’s how I came up with the name of the website: I heard the word used SO MANY times in the career workshops of my university (I’m in b-school part-time in Singapore and I spent 3 weeks in Chicago this past June)

Around this time, Christine Hsu (my ol’ partner at ORIENTEDdotORG) and I were talking on-and-off about what to do about the likely confusion between our two projects. “Segue” seemed an obvious label for me – which only really tells you how effective grad school can be in brainwashing you :wink:

From a different angle…

IMHO, “Sige” (pron. see-GEH – for you non-Pilipino speakers :slight_smile:) doesn’t really capture the ideas we have about the communities that and Segue have evolved into. Sige connotes “agreement.” Sige na nga indicates resigned agreement, especially when one wishes to go along for the sake of pakikisama (which means: friendly, schmoozy hanging out)

Some of my friends have a hard enough time swallowing “Segue” – Sige (although a shorter word) would be an even bigger stretch, imo :slight_smile:

More unsolicited trivia about the name of this website…

Incidentally, the other name I was thinking of renaming to was “”

Networking is a critical component of this website – both from a literal “IT” angle and from a social “wang-you” perspective. I also got my hands on’s Schmoozer’s guide, which is a fun read, btw.

It’s a musical term (“slang”, according to OED), meaning to seamlessly move from one melody or song to another without break or interruption, from the Italian seguire, to follow.

I think the Latin is squere, where we get words like sequence, sequential, etc


There’s a guy who writes one of my fave newsletters, The Shmoozeletter (used to be Fuseletter). I’ll send you a copy if I can dig one up–he’s hilarious. I like Segue better than Shmooze though–when I hear or read he word shmooze, I think: plastic, PR, networking, facade, insincere. Or maybe it’s just me.

I think we’re above shmoozing here.


Here it is–by Daniel Will-Harris.