Self-improvement Club?

Is anybody willing to joing a self-improvement club of which the main aim will be to make a promise to the others and on reporting back to show evidence of progress made. Other aims would be to encourage, advise and assist members in their endevours.

I was/am. But it wasn’t so much a self improvement club. Was more of a… The name escapes me now, but basically everyone would help everyone else complete a goal or something.

“The Wingmen??”

I don’t know what the “Wingmen” were, but I know that cooperation and motivation have a lot to do with achievement.

I got a wife for that… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Gongshi, gongshi, gongshi ni!

yeh… i want to improve the number of cans of beer i can drink whilst talking shit!!

How dare you use such an insulting avatar of my president?

I’d rather everyone else just worked on improving themselves. That would make my life much easier.

Have you ever seen the back of your own head, Tigerman? There are things you cannot do by yourself.

The problem you’ll have in assembling your group is that people who might join such a group won’t do so unless they know and trust the other members. Such trust is difficult to develop online.

Try bringing the idea up with a few trusted friends who you know offline (which of I realize may also include regular posters, but those who you happen to know offline as well).

Well. of course I’ve seen the back of my own head… every time I get my hair cut, the barber hold up a mirror so I can see the back of my head.

If you all get yourselves improved, then you can all help me.

hope that avatar jibe was in good humour, as thats what you need when looking at my Avatar…Bushy is just too easy a target to miss. Unlike the slick and perfectly turned out Blair…ha ha, yeah right. That guys burning the candle at both ends man; have you seen how he looks these days!!