Selling things on

Has any of you ever used to sell things? I don’t mean opening shop there, but just selling and getting rid of some of the old stuff lying around the home.

I’m thinking about selling my laptop and monitor in preparation of upgrading to a larger machine. Is it easy? Or are there other outlets for these types of things, like a second-hand computer store?

I have a black 2.2GHz US Macbook with 3-year AppleCare on it and have an upgraded hard drive, and was looking to get maybe $20,000 for it.

I use Ruten for my business and it’s pretty simple to sign up and sell. Used stuff seems to go quicker so you have that advantage. One potential drawback is the mass of stuff they have but as a new listing, you should be on the first few pages of your category for a while.

When selling at Ruten can you receive the cash at the 7-11 or do you have to go through the PCHome bullshit sign up type of thing?

No, you will not receive the cash directly from 7-11, Family Mart or any convenience store for that matter…All of these stores are now connected to your PCHome Pay account which you must first setup with Ruten by sending them your Bank Account’s Passbook copy which they will verify after a few days. It’s like an Escrow account which you can control using your Ruten user account. You can use it to make purchases, pay Ruten fees and even transfer money from this Escrow account to your Bank account.

Thanks for the response. I will give it a miss then.
Too much hassle to deal with.