Sending a laptop to the US

What’s the best way to send a laptop to my cousin in Michigan? “Best” also means cheapest. I would assume I want registered mail with a tracking number, but I’m not sure about the post office. DHL at 7/11 requires more information than I have available (Company name and DHL #). Any ideas?

The postal service here has been rock solid, at least for what I’ve used them for, but then again, I’ve never sent a laptop so… :smiley:

Is the cost reasonable? Thanks for the info.

I would be nervous about sending a fragile, sensitive piece of electronic equipment through any kind of shipping service.

But, when we were living in SF, and my partner’s laptop that was bought in Taiwan crashed, he shipped it back and forth to a geek friend of his here in Taiwan for repair, and it made it safely. I think he sent it via FedEx or UPS. Can’t remember the cost.

Any reason why your cousin just doesn’t get one locally? They are cheaper in the US than here. When you ship, there will be the shipping cost, potential taxes and risk of damage.

You dont need a company name nor a DHL number to ship with DHL.