Sending cash from Taiwan to Europe

Good day everyone, maybe someone in the same boat and can give me pointers since I’m not familiar with banking here. I’ve sold my bike and have too much cash, I would like to send some back home to Europe. I saw people talking about sending money in other topics but they get the advice to just use banking, but I don’t have a bank card here, tried to go to some banks and they say they not doing it if you are not a client. What could be my options? Western Union? Is it expensive?
thanks for any kind of info,

Western Union is an option. But getting started with a bank account is easy and completely free! Then you could use services like Transferwise, which I much prefer and have more security.

I wish I had that problem :wink:

Thanks for the reply! I’m a student, not sure if they let me open one, and heard that it’s not easy.

It’s fairly easy. Do you have an ARC?

I do have student ARC

Oh geez. I had prepared myself to go into a long schpeel into how to get a uniform ID number paper and then suggesting you a couple of banks that should open an account for you.

But now I don’t need to do that. Banks will definitely take your ARC. Pick a big one and they’ll give you a local currency account and a foreign currency account you can put Euro in. Then you can send it overseas with Transferwise. The foreign currency accounts have SWIFT codes and everything, so you can make a wire transfer to the person of your choice.


They can’t use TransferWise in that direction, AFAIK.

You use the foreign currency accounts. Not the TWD accounts.

You’re using the SWIFT system.

For sending money from Europe to a Taiwanese multicurrency account, yes, but not from Taiwan to a European account.

Well. They support the standard wire transfer, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Huh? Who is they?

Have you actually done this - sending money from Taiwan to Europe using Wise?


I take it you haven’t done it then/just guessing?

I suspect OP would be better off just doing the transfer via their Taiwanese account when they open it - the fees are relatively cheap anyway.

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Yes, I use the app, and my account is registered in Taiwan. (responding to your edit with the picture)

BOT (Bank Of Taiwan) should be OK, have done it with them several times and have no account. Just stay under the limit.

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